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4 Medical Affairs Hacks for Time Management

June 23, 2023 Jonathan Kaskey Season 1 Episode 13
Pharma Sessions
4 Medical Affairs Hacks for Time Management
Show Notes

In this episode, host Jonathan Kaskey invites Patrina Pellet to discuss effective time management strategies for medical professionals. 

From calendar audits to time blocking, Pellet shares valuable insights on how to optimize your daily schedule, prioritize your tasks and avoid feeling burnt out. 

Discover the power of color-coding and task tracking to manage your workload efficiently and achieve your goals. 

Tune in now to master the art of time management and increase your productivity with Pharma Sessions.

Episode guide:
- Importance of controlling time and being strategic, especially in medical affairs

- Speaker highlights four strategies for effective time management: calendar audit, aligning priorities, time blocking, and changing one’s identity

- Importance of utilizing buffer time and catch-up time in time blocks to anticipate and address unexpected events

- Benefits of time blocking entire day according to goal categories and using color-coded categories to track progress

- Speaker shares personal struggles with managing time and workload, emphasizing the need for patience and practice to develop new habits

- Recommendations for creating color-coded “buckets” in calendar to organize different tasks and responsibilities

- Suggestions for maximizing effectiveness of time blocking by assigning specific tasks and combining events and tasks in Google Tasks and Google Calendar

- Importance of preparation and prioritizing top priorities to avoid decision fatigue and distraction

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